Conductivity electromagnetic survey provides quick and effective soil investigations up to several meters depth.

Surveys results bring information on geological structure, soil pollution and locate buried metal objects as pipelines or tanks.

Conductivity electromagnetic surveys from PBG LTD

Data interpretation allows to produce resistivity distribution maps revealing any unnatural non-geologic objects in the ground, as well as maps of the in-phase parameter indicating the presence of metal objects in the ground.


GEM-2 Conductivity Meter, TERRAPLUS

CDM Conductivity Meter, GF Instruments


  • mapping subsurface structure

  • minerals exploration

  • site investigation

  • detecting subsurface objects

  • archaeological and forensic searching

GEM-2 Conductivity electromagnetic surveys

Two parameters are measured during the survey: apparent conductivity for recording changes in the ground conductivity and synchronous in-phase parameter for detecting buried metal objects. Both values are stored in device internal memory.