Microgravity is a precision surveying technique set apart from gravity method, used in shallow subsurface investigations.

Microgravity surveys identify changes (variations) in the subsurface soil and rock density. Basing on microgravity data GRAVITY ANOMALY MAP is produced which indicates anomalous area - potential voids, sinkholes, areas of less dense materials.


    • sinkhole hazards assessment (mining areas)

    • detecting sub-surface voids and cavities

    • locating old mine workings and tunnels

    • tracing micro-tectonic features and variations in sub-surface density

    • identifying possible collapses due to karst activity

microgravity surveying from PBG Geophysical Exploration ltd


PBG Ltd. has been providing gravity and microgravity surveys for over 50 years applying the services to geological, geotechnical and environmental issues.

The greatest demand for microgravity service is for detecting underground voids and cavities of natural or man-made origin.


CG-5/CG-5 High Temp Gravity Meters, SCINTREX