IP Induced Polarization method is one of the chief geophysical technique used for mineral exploration to map many types of deposits including porphyry copper, gold bearing sulphides, manganese and titanium bearing placers.

Surveys take place along predefined profiles cross-cutting the perspective area to acknowledge mineralization zone and its intensity.


  • geothermal and water resources exploration

  • ore mineral prospecting

  • detecting hydrocarbon and metal contaminants

  • hydrocarbon exploration


System, Phoenix-Geophysics

Terrameter LS2 , ABEM

TIPIX - ELREC PRO, Iris Instruments

ARES II, GF Instruments

System, Phoenix-Geophysics

Terrameter LS/LS2, ABEM

IP method is widely used in mineral water exploration as well as, in combination with other geophysical techniques (as CSAMT) in hydrocarbons prospecting. IP surveys are also used in shallow geophysics and environmental investigations (detecting buried metal objects). IP is similar to ERT Electrical Resistivity Tomography method survey.