VES survey is one of the most popular and reliable geophysical technique applied for exploration and environmental study.

Survey reflects the variations of resistivity in geological medium up to several dozen meters depth. VES survey is especially recommended for minerals and water resources exploration and detecting soil and groundwater pollution.


TIPIX - ELREC PRO (VES,IP), Iris Instruments

ELMES ADG-4 System


  • assessing geological conditions

  • locating karst, faults and fracture zones

  • groundwater exploration

  • recognition of water bearing zones

  • recognition of tectonic zones perspective for thermal water

  • minerals exploration

  • dams investigations

  • detection soil and groundwater pollution

VES measurements

Surveys with the use of vertical resistivity profiling are recommended for tracing geological boundaries and faults.

Especially the distinction between high and low resistivity complexes/zones is possible.