In 2020 PBG Ltd. celebrated 70 years of its business activity.

70 years of the company is primarily the chronicle of people creating the past and present history of the company, it is a long record of successes, maybe also some mistakes, but we still operate – perfectly integrated into the current economy, maintaining the highest quality standards and a good position on domestic and international market.

We would like to thank all our Clients and Partners for trust and business relations, and our Team for commitment, efforts and work. It is thanks to you that we can continue our work and improve the quality of our service

The beginnings of PBG Ltd. dates back to the 1950 when the Company was founded. Since that time PBG Ltd. has carried out thousands of geophysical projects for mineral, petroleum and geothermal exploration, providing as a contractor or a sub-contractor all relevant services from geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Seismic surveys; Baltic Sea (the 60s)Airborne geophysical surveys (the 70s)Field team (the 70s)Field team (the 50s)Practical classes; AGH University of Science and Technology (the 50s)Geoelectrical surveys (the 50s)

In 1972 PBG Ltd. conducted geophysical investigation in Tunisia, at the area of ancient Carthage, within the project of UNESCO and Institute of Archaeology and Art of Tunisia. Geophysical investigation carried out along with the archaeological studies and excavations performed by Polish archaeologists, provided simultaneous information on the location and type of buried objects and its age. In 1974-1975 PBG carried out airborne geophysical works in Nigeria and Chad to explore geological structure to outline the areas of increased concentration of radioactive elements.

In Libya (1985) PBG realized shallow engineering seismic surveys for the Great Man-Made River Project. In 1989-1990 in Armenia geophysical investigations were realized by PBG to recognize geological conditions at the area of Armenian earthquake of 1988. Also in the 1980s PBG carried out geophysical works in Mongolia (Gobi desert) for the rare earth metals deposits recognition.

In the 1990 PBG carried out geophysical surveys for water dams projects in the Polish Carpathians and for the cascade steps of Vistula River as well as integrated geophysical works in several regions of Poland for the choice of NPP locations. Besides geophysical works were carried out for gravity and magnetic maps of Poland and magnetic T map of Southern Baltic Sea.

At the beginning of 2000s PBG carried out magnetotelluric surveys in the Polish Carpathians for definition of perspective zones for oil and gas exploration, as well as PBG takes part in some ventures on CO2 geological storage, including several projects co-financed by European Union. Subsequently PBG provided some land gravity & magnetic surveys in India, Pakistan, Egypt and Libya for hydrocarbons exploration.

Currently PBG Ltd. continues its activities both in terms of shallow engineering geophysics and exploration projects for geothermal, minerals and hydrocarbons.