PBG LTD functioning is based on the procedures allowing to operate in accordance with the law and with the best practice and international standards. Specified procedures define the responsibilities of staff and proper communication system and ensure effectiveness in both primary production - geophysical surveys as well as in supporting activities. Integrated management system provides quality, innovative and procedural approach towards the management of the organization, based on ISO and HSE standards, to ensure satisfaction of Clients, protection of environment and improvement of the offered geophysical services.

Quality Management: PBG Ltd. developed a set of processes and procedures required to design and complete services in the Company’s core business area. The system is continuously monitored to reduce and eliminate non-conformance to procedures, as well as to meet clients expectations in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

HSE: It is the policy of PBG Ltd. to manage its activity in a responsible manner that promotes safety and health of its employees as well as environmental and industrial safety management. All PBG's activities are designed and managed to prevent safety and minimize adverse impact on the environment. PBG's staff is aware of the HSE responsibilities and complies with all applicable HSE regulations and standards.